Cove Way House

Sentosa, Singapore

Completed 2010

The Cove Way House is a bold re-interpretation of the firm's organic modernist iteration of compound architecture. It manifests as a single high-volume pavilion, replacing the firm's signature courtyard with the natural central point of the waterfront at the house's rear. The residence is essentially delineated into two separate entities, the indoor/outdoor living spaces, which look out onto an infinity pool, rock gardens, and a boat berth on the canal, and the private dwelling spaces on the eastern elevation, abutting the front of the house. The duality of the house's planning and language is expressed by a wide void and courtyard space that connects up from the basement level to the attic, separating the two components of the house. Traversed by light glass-floored bridges, the courtyard is bolstered by a grid of large timber shafts that double as display shelves, and knit the two independent components of the house together.

In collaboration with Bedmar and Shi


Albert Lim